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There are many different generally accepted synthetic composite materials and industrial processes that are currently accepted and used by the aerospace, marine and other different industries. RENCO differentiates itself with a newly developed patented and patent-pending innovative proprietary process that uses a unique fiber composite block and assembly system, as well as other products made of fiber composite materials and other construction-related products using parts of composite houses. For the manufacture and construction of composite houses and other building structures, they are interconnected by means of a lock system. Thanks to the use of the unique locking system,


Our R&D activities are ultimately geared towards developing innovative, sustainable solutions.
Ensuring economically sustainable energy sources
Promoting the efficient use of energy, especially in building technology
Use of advanced automation and digitalization technologies
Company's portfolio of intellectual property (IP) rights through the acquisition and retention of patents
Partnerships with Universities and Research Institutions
Global level examination and certification procedures with highly reputable and respected institutions
Collaborating with start-ups for new projects
Supporting young minds who are open to new ideas from their university days
Create enthusiastic spaces for talent
Attractive for game changers
We are taboo breakers
Selective in skills
Encourage imagination and idea
we love dreamers
Make changes that matter to our own future
Sharing knowledge

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  • Excellence in production

  • Use of advanced technology

  • efficiency over time

  • Working with super talented technicians who know the way to success

  • The perfect production philosophy

  • perfectionist teamwork

  • Not afraid of making mistakes but learning for the better

  • Develop products


  • Eliminate fossil fuel use

  • Being Carbon Neutral

  • Use low carbon sources

  • Solar, wind, energy storage, smart grids and clean transportation

  • 100% renewable 

  • Commitment to environmental protection


A composite material (KM) is made of two or more constituent materials with significantly different physical or chemical properties. The new material may be preferred for many reasons: common examples include materials that are stronger, lighter or less expensive than traditional material. Characterized or determined by unusually high strength fibers with unusually high stiffness or modulus of elasticity properties compared to other materials, depending on the type of KM

KMs are very attractive for aircraft and aerospace structural parts. KMs are in development for the Advanced Space Transport Program, armor protection for Army aviation, and the US Federal Aviation Administration. Also, CMs have decades of history in the military and government aerospace industries.



- Aerospace
- Aeroplane
- Military
- Maritime
- Automotive
- Building


- Robustness
- Light
- Thermally Stable

- They do not change shape as the temperature changes
- Fatigue Tolerant
- Where the shape is critical; like airplane wings
- Environmentally Friendly
- Recycleable
- non-toxic
- Non-polluting
- Sustainable
- Energy efficiency
- Reduces fossil fuel use
- Reduces waste
- Reduces raw material usage

Manufacturing Facility

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