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RENCO KOMPOZİT TEKNOLOJİLERİ TİC VE SAN A.Ş. (“RENCO”); We ensure that the personal data of natural persons, including our customers, suppliers and employees, are processed in accordance with the relevant legislation, especially the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (“KVKK”), and that these persons whose data are processed can exercise their legal rights if they so desire.

We perform the processing, storage and transfer of data regarding our employees, suppliers, customers, users visiting our website, in short, all personal data we obtain during our activities, in accordance with the "Personal data protection, processing, destruction and cookie policy (Policy)".

We take all necessary administrative and technical protection measures by following legal regulations and current technologies for the protection of personal data.

This Policy explains the methods we follow for the processing, storage, transfer, deletion or anonymization of personal data shared during our commercial activities in accordance with KVKK.



2.1. Personal data

Personal data; Name-Surname, date of birth, T.C. ID number, phone number, e-mail address, address, etc. Any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person, such as

The protection of personal data is only related to real persons, and information belonging to legal entities that do not contain information about the real person is excluded from personal data protection. Therefore, this Policy does not apply to data belonging to legal entities.


2.2. Special categories of personal data

People's race, ethnicity, political opinion, philosophical belief, religion, sect or other beliefs, dress, association, foundation or union membership, health, sexual life, criminal conviction, etc. are special categories of personal data.


2.3 Processing of Data

We process personal data in accordance with the principles below.

  • - Processing in accordance with the law and honesty rules

  • - Ensuring that personal data is accurate and, where necessary, up to date

  • - Processing for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes

  • - Personal data must be connected, limited and measured for the purpose for which they are processed.

  • - Storage of personal data for the duration of our legitimate commercial interests and stipulated by legal regulations

2.4 Our purposes for processing personal data

We process personal data for the purposes listed below:

  • - To carry out our activities,

  • - Carrying out the procurement processes of goods / services,

  • - Carrying out the sales processes of goods / services,

  • - Carrying out customer relationship management processes,

  • - Carrying out activities for customer satisfaction,

  • - To provide support services within the scope of the contract and within the framework of service standards,

  • - To ensure that our legal obligations are fulfilled as required or required by legal regulations,

  • - To do market research and statistical studies,

  • - Evaluating job applications,

  • - Liaising with people who have a business relationship with the company,

  • - To make legal reporting,

  • - Billing,

  • - Ensuring corporate communication,

  • - To present information about the job posting and employment that is suitable for the person,

  • - Making notifications by e-mail.


2.5 Processing of special categories of personal data

Special categories of personal data are processed by us by taking the administrative and technical measures envisaged by the laws and by the KVK Board, if there is express consent or in cases where the legislation requires it.

Since these data can be processed by persons or authorized institutions and organizations under the obligation of confidentiality for the purpose of carrying out medical diagnosis and treatment services, planning and management of health services and financing, these data are not processed by us except for the data of our employees.


2.6. Processing personal data for human resources and employment purposes

Your CV, diploma etc. that you shared with us during the application process as an employee candidate to our institution. We process, store and transfer your personal data in the documents for the purpose of evaluating the job application. The processing, transfer and storage of personal data that you share as an employee candidate are within the scope of this Policy.

Personal data of the employee; are collected, processed and stored within the framework of this Policy.


2.7 Exceptional cases where express consent is not sought in the processing of personal data

In exceptional cases listed below and arising from the law, we may process personal data without express consent:

  • - expressly provided for in laws;

  • - It is necessary to process the personal data of the parties to the contract, provided that it is directly related to the establishment or performance of a contract;

  • - Data processing is mandatory for the establishment, exercise or protection of a right;

  • - It is necessary for us to process your data for our legitimate interests as data controller, provided that it does not harm fundamental rights and freedoms.


2.8 Processing of personal data collected through our Cookie Policy and cookies

As Wowwo, we may use some technologies such as cookies, pixels, gifs to improve your experience in accordance with the legislation we are subject to during your visits to our online channels. Through these cookies, we can collect your personal data, process, transfer and store the data we collect.

The main reasons we use cookies are:

  • - Analyzing our Websites and improving their performance.

  • - To increase the functionality of our Web Sites and to provide ease of use.


Cookies do not contain personal data about visitors, such as name, gender or address. For more detailed information about cookies, you can visit and

It is possible to block cookies through your browser, but if you block them, you may not be able to use some features on our Site. It is recommended to check your browser settings to see if your browser allows you to manage cookies.

Visiting our Company's Sites and not blocking these cookies via your browser means that you consent to the use of cookies and the processing of your personal data within the scope of this policy.



As a company, we act in accordance with the decisions and regulations stipulated in the KVKK and taken by the KVK Board regarding the transfer of personal data.

Without prejudice to the exceptional circumstances in the legislation, personal data and sensitive data are not transferred by us to other real persons or legal entities without the explicit consent of the Relevant Person.

In exceptional cases stipulated by the KVKK and other legislation, the data may be transferred to the authorized administrative or judicial institution or organization in the manner stipulated in the legislation and within the limits, without the explicit consent of the Relevant Person.

Personal data;

  • • To our suppliers,

  • • Group companies,

  • • Legally authorized public institutions and organizations,

  • • Legally authorized private legal persons,

  • • To our shareholders,

may be transferred according to the principles and rules described above.



We keep personal data for as long as required by the purpose of processing personal data, without prejudice to the storage periods stipulated in the legislation.

In cases where we process personal data for more than one purpose, we delete and/or destroy your personal data within the first 3 months following the date of emergence or approval of this obligation or request, unless the purposes of processing the data disappear or the legislation does not prevent the deletion of data upon the request of the Relevant Person. We comply with the provisions of the legislation and the KVK Board decisions regarding destruction or deletion.



  • - We employ employees with technical expertise.

  • - We take administrative and technical measures according to technological possibilities and implementation costs and establish security systems in accordance with technological developments.

  • - We periodically update and renew the technical measures.

  • - We make access to information and documents within our company within the framework of authorizations and securely restrict access.

  • - We create the data recording systems used in our company in accordance with the legislation and make periodic audits.

  • - We train and inform our employees about accessing and authorizing personal data.

  • - In cases where we cooperate with third parties from whom we receive support or products, we make agreements with them on the protection of Personal information.

  • - In case of unlawful disclosure of personal data or data leakage, we notify the KVK Board about the situation and carry out the investigations stipulated by the legislation and take the measures.



Within the scope of our disclosure obligation, we inform the Personal Data Owner and make the necessary technical and administrative arrangements for the Personal Data Owner to exercise their rights regarding their personal data.

On the Personal Data Owner's personal data;

  • - Learning whether personal data is processed or not,

  • - If personal data has been processed, requesting information about it,

  • - To learn the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used in accordance with the purpose,

  • - Knowing the third parties to whom this personal data is transferred,

  • - Requesting correction of personal data if it is incomplete or incorrectly processed,

  • - Requesting the deletion or destruction of personal data in case the reasons requiring the processing of personal data disappear,

  • - Requesting notification of the above-mentioned correction, deletion or destruction processes to third parties to whom personal data has been transferred,

has rights. You can find the necessary application method and detailed details of the response process to your application in the Clarification Text we have published on our website.


  • - The application is not based on a just cause,

  • - The application contains a request contrary to the relevant legislation,

  • - Failure to comply with the application procedure,

In such cases, your application may be rejected with justification.



This Policy is stored in two different media, printed paper and electronic media, and updated when needed.



This Policy is deemed to have entered into force after its publication on the Company's website.



The RENCO KVK Board is responsible for the preparation, development, updating and publication of this Policy on the website.

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