Our Strategic Priorities

As an innovative and solutions oriented company

  • to continue our research and development efforts for the creation of patented cutting edge technologies to bolster our competitive edge,
  • to grow in our core business through increased penetration of renewable composite housing and other construction related industries,
  • to grow our existing international subsidiaries and strategic partnerships with a focus on profitability through Licensing and Direct Investment,
  • to build a sustainable and reputable brand image,
  • to create synergy among Renco Group of Companies through know-how exchange to promote continuous improvement,
  • to build ethical values and integrity among team members,
  • to grow in the area of value added products and continuously increase and optimize capacity,
  • to grow in domestic and international markets through communications, technology and new business opportunities,
  • to develop a network of international consultants that will enrich our existing relationships and generate business growth opportunities.