Eliminate fossil fuel usage
Being Carbon Neutral
Use low carbon sources
Solar, wind, energy storage, smart grids, and clean transport
Become 100 % renewable
Commitment to environmental preservation


Our R&D activities are ultimately geared to developing innovative, sustainable solutions
Guaranteeing energy supplies that are also economically sustainable
Promoting the efficient utilization of energy, especially in building technology
Using advanced automation and digitalization technologies
Company’s portfolio of intellectual property (IP) rights by obtaining and holding patents
Partnerships with Universities and Research Institutions
Testing and certification procedures on global level with high credential and reputable institutions
Collaborating with start-ups for fresh projects
Supporting young minds with from their College days, open to new ideas
Create enthusiastic fields for talents
Attractive for game changers
We are taboo breakers
Selective in skills
Promote imagination and idea
We like dreamers
Make those changes that are important for our own future
Sharing know-how


Changing the building environment
Excellence in production
Using advanced technology
Efficiency in time
Working with super skilled technicians that know the path to success
Seamless production philosophy
Perfectionist teamwork
Not afraid of making mistakes but learn for the better
Enhance the products