Chairman's Message

As the world changes rapidly, while adapting to its speed and developing new technologies, we set out to achieve major goals in a short timeframe. Achieving our goals and sustaining perpetual progress would only be possible with the right strategies, careful planning and absolute devotion. Our main priorities, as the Renco Family, have been protecting our core values, continuously improving our processes, striving for most efficient use of resources towards developing a global platform and providing higher values for all parties involved. Positive results we have achieved so far in line with our roadmap are testament to the fact that we are on the right track. Renco was established over two decades ago, as the supplier of renewable composite products for many different industries. Throughout the years, Renco has continued to excel in design, research and development and also in production processes. Starting from design and high quality raw material selection stages, ranging to most innovative production processes with our own state of the art machinery and equipment and unique assembly techniques, Renco houses integrated production systems to ensure the best quality for its customers by meeting the ever growing demand through continuous capacity and process improvements. With our know-how and innovative spirit, we reflect our expertise to the most complex durable designs and prepare our customers for the future.

Our goal is to satisfy the demands of our customers with futuristic reliable technologies and best quality service by providing high performance, dependable solutions. In this context, with our innovative and advanced technologies, as the pioneer manufacturer of renewable composite products and solutions, we strive to become the industry leader in the short term, with financial stability, satisfied customers, suppliers and stakeholders. Our vision will continue to be conscious about the environment and the communities we serve.

Future technology products...

Composite materials have a wide variety of usage in especially aviation and marine industries due to demands of our everyday contemporary lives. These types of products have been the choice of people who prefer practical, low-cost, environmentally friendly and economical solutions to facilitate efficient use of their time to create durable and reliable living spaces. As the Renco Family, our main focus has been the creation of reliable and safe living spaces.

I believe that "success" is not only a measure of appreciation of our efforts, prizes awarded or positive financial results achieved. Our motivation for the everyday push for "success" has rooted from our dream for a better world and prosperous future not only for ourselves and our country but also for all living beings we share this planet with to make it more inhabitable.

Moving forward with this awareness, through our deep rooted corporate culture, young and well-educated human resources with a vision for the future and excellence at sight, we will continue to sustain superiority in technology and quality to create reliable, and safe living spaces for communities we serve.


Chairman of the Board